About Us

Scouts BSA Troop #230, Yardley, PA

Meetings: Every Other Tuesday, Outside Weather Permitting, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Location & Sponsor: St. Ignatius Church, Yardley, PA.

Our Scouts- A proud “boy-led” troop, scouts attend Pennsbury, Neshaminy, Council Rock, private, religious, and home based schools. Over forty scouts work as a team enjoying trips, special events, and community service projects.

Our boys have diverse interests. Some are football players, swimmers, baseball players, robotics competitors, marching band members... Regardless of personal interests they come together in scouting.  Kudos to our sled team who placed in the 2019 Klondike Derby and to the 150 scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle over the last 51 years.

Our Parents: Patrol Leaders are supported by 25 moms and dads who make up our Scoutmaster Council and Business Committee.

The Great Outdoors: An active yearlong camping/hiking program brings us outside to develop skills and friendships.

Amazing Activities: Besides summer camp, highlights include traveling to Washington, DC and NYC, spending a weekend at the NJ Coast Guard Base, camping/hiking Gettysburg, hiking the Appalachian Trail, canoeing down the Delaware, touring US Steel, and attending our annual ski trip. The list goes on…. Recently, we have worked towards our disability awareness, first aid, hiking, biking, wilderness survival, American labor, communications, scholarship, entrepreneurship, family life, and environmental science merit badges. Six of our scouts are looking forward to sailing for a week in the Florida Keys in 2021!

Troop 230 is part of the Tamanend District in the Washington Crossing Council and is a welcoming and supportive environment. Come visit us!